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At BarDI we are familiar with the concerns procurement managers have about outsourcing production to countries with low production costs:

-Can we keep the quality?
-Do we deliver in time?
-Do we lose the savings in lost control and too many errors?

When you do business with BarDI Ltd, you get outsourcing that functions, precisely as if everything took place everywhere else in Europe. Except when it comes to the price. BarDI Ltd is Bulgarian company that works according to and follow all the best European practices (including quality certificates) with its own production facilities in Bulgaria, with UK production management and UK quality control procedures for processes and end products.

BarDI Ltd is a professional supplier and outsourcing partner for a steadily increasing pool of demanding customers. Outsourcing production of components and sub-components gives customers high capacity without fixed costs, tied-up capital and the other disadvantages associated with producing in-house in industries where it is often impossible to produce to inventory during periods with surplus capacity. BarDI supplies extremely high-quality steel components to a number of demanding customers. By combining effective project management in our London and Sofia’s head offices with production in Bulgaria, we have removed the disadvantages many people associate with outsourcing to countries with low production costs.

Outsourcing with BarDI:

Save on your labour costs
Save on your component supply costs
Save on your utilities costs
Save on your insurance costs
Free up OR liquidate your plant & equipment
Free up OR liquidate your factory floor space

No matter if you are interested in a mass production or just an one-time project, involving steel construction, stainless steel or aluminium details and elements, BarDI LTD could be your trustful partner in Bulgaria with prices incomparable to anywhere else in Europe. With finished projects as the first IKEA store in Bulgaria, or one of the biggest skylights in Europe, we can be your cheap, but still trustworthy European partner.

         With our offices in London, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria and you could contact us or send your enquires at:
         +447784302482 for London and +35929556872 for Bulgaria or at office@bardi-bg.com or office@steelscturcutres.eu